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Mission: To promote the quality and access of ballroom dance in the Chicagoland area

A Message from the USA Dance Chicago Chapter President

It was a pleasure greeting all of you at our 10th annual dinner dance and showcase event, TROPICAL NIGHT.

A great time was had by all.... I hope that everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

The first showcase was champions Ilana Ventura and Javi Chacón. They performed a waltz to “Suffer” by Charlie Puth and a Foxtrot/Swing to “I Won't Dance” by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. Thanks to Ilana and Javi for your continuous support to ballroom dance.

The pace of the evening's entertainment was set by the Aloha Dancers with their awesome authentic Polynesian dances and drumming.

The evening's entertainment continued with inspiring dancing by Erwin and Iwona Rybcynski, their son Oskar and Monika Pyrgiel. A lively, energetic dance to “The Greatest American Hero” started the by Erwin and Iwona. A father and son contemporize dance to “Mission Impossible” was performed by Erwin and Oskar. The dancing continued with a lively Mambo by Erwin and Iwona and the showcase concluded with Erwin and Monika doing a contemporize/swing to “Bon Jovi”.

I offer my sincere gratitude to our dance hosts;

Thanks, thanks and more thanks to our devoted volunteers: Owen and Carol Jacobsen, Craig and Darleen Slater and Ginny Hodina. Lets not forget the Tropical Night music by D.J., Jim Finn! It was well chosen and perfect for our dancing enjoyment. And Ilana Ventura for her publicity support.... Well Done!

Dedicated to Ballroom

Susie Johnson
Gala Organizer & President
USA Dance Chicagoland Chapter #2001

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