Membership to 
USA Dance Chicago

As you may know, USA Dance is a national dues-supported organization with a mission to improve both the quantity and quality of ballroom dancing in the United States. Your financial support through membership dues allows us to continue to share the physical, mental and social benefits of dance.

The annual membership fee for social dancers is $35.00. I always tell people that over the year the membership fee will pay for itself with discounted admission to the Chicago Chapter’s monthly social dances. You can also get discounted admission to social dances hosted by other chapters. If you fill out an application for either a new membership or to renew your current membership at one of our monthly dances, admission is FREE for that night. So, with all these discounts, as I stated before, over the year the membership fee will pay for itself. Cash or a check made out to USA Dance are accepted.

But wait! There’s more! You can also get discounts on products and services, such as hotels, car rentals, insurance, office supplies, prescriptions and more! Visit the USA dance website ( and click on the links at the bottom of the homepage for more information regarding these discounts.

But wait! There is even more! You will also receive a subscription to the American Dancer magazine, which is a bimonthly magazine loaded with articles of interest to social dancers and competitors. 

USA Dance supports our Chicago chapter in many ways and so your membership is very important to us. Please consider joining or renewing at our next social dance. Don’t forget, admission will be free for that night.

You can also join online at

If you prefer, we can provide you with an application, which you can fill out and mail it with A check payable to USA Dance to:

USA Dance, Inc.
Membership Services
Dept PO Box 90
Oak Hill, Florida 32759-0090.

So, in summary, there are many benefits to becoming a member of USA Dance and if you are not already a member, I would again strongly encourage you to become one. Your membership fee will help the Chicago chapter continue our mission of promoting the quantity and quality of ballroom dance through our monthly social dances and our free lessons. Speaking for myself, I am very proud to tell people that I am a member of USA Dance and a part of this mission.